PHP Diploma

PHP is a scripting programming language that is being used by web developers and system administrators to create either small application or developing webpages, which is something you’ll be professional at once you complete OV php diploma. There’s no specific application that’s being used for php but it vary from developer to another to choose the application that they’re familiar with.

PHP Developer is one of the most jobs required in the market today. Our php diploma is designed to teach you the required knowledge and skills that qualifies you to be a PHP web developer. with php diploma you will not only learn PHP, but also the most commonly used frameworks and content management system as well. This is beside the soft skills sessions that empower your communication and presentation skills besides teaching you how to write an amazing CV and how to pass an interview.  After completing the diploma we also help you to find a job as a web developer.

This PHP Diploma will be focusing on Web programming using php with its open sorce platforms such as Drupal, WordPress. There’s no need for prerequisites because Open Vision will start this PHP diploma from scratch begining with an introduction to HTML and CSS to building a complete web application.

Diploma Contents :

Part I: Web design Essentials and UI Development

  •  Create more Than three Modern Templates From Scratch,
  •  Front-End Development Frameworks and Libraries Like Bootstrap,
  •  Create Templates Using Front-End FrameWorks, API and Libraries,
  •  Create Responsive Templates

Part II : PHP/MYSQL Core and Advanced 

  • PHP Core
  • Database design and Modeling Like ERD and Mapping
  • Structured Query Language (SQL) Core and Advanced
  • Object Oriented Programming and Design Pattern
  •  Create Standard Modules And Libraries Using OOP and Design Patterns
  • Introduction to Web Services and REST API/Web services
  • Building More Than Three Applications Using Advanced Techniques For Databases and Programming Languages

Part III: Synchronous and asynchronous requests

  • AJAX
  •  JSON
  • XML
  • XHR request

Part IV: PHP MVC Frameworks

  • Building and Architecting web applicaions using MVC Frameworks (CodeIgniter or Laravel or Yii or CakePHP)

Part V: PHP Security

Part VI: PHP Content Management Systems

  • Building web sites fast utilizing content management systems
  • Introduction to WordPress
  • Introduction to Drupal
  • Introduction to Joomla and Other CMS

Final Part :

  • Create Standard Project To Use It As Reference To Build Your Applications


140 Hours