iOS iPhone-iPad diploma

By the end of this diploma, participants will be able to design and build their own complete IPhone/IPad applications. Also will learn how to publish applications to the Apple App Store and make some money ;).


  • Building the required skills and knowledge for our trainees to become iPhone/iPad developers.
  • After completing this training program, you will be ready to work as junior iPhone/iPad developer


Part I : Introduction to Apple platform 

  • Apple History and iOS evolution
  • iOS Application architecture
  • XCode IDE Basics
  • Using the Debugger

Part II : Objective-C  OR SWIFT

  • OOP introduction
  • Classes and Objects
  • Messages , Protocols and Properties
  • NSObject , NS Classes and Built-in data types
  • Handling Exceptions
  • Collections Basics
  • Multithreading

Part III : Building GUI Applications

  • Model View Controller  (MVC)
  • UIApplication , UIWindow, UIView , UIViewController
  • Subviews, UITouch
  • The Multitouch Interface
  • NSTimer
  • UIControl
  • UILabel , UIButton, UIImage, UITextField, UITextView, UIWebView
  • Navigation Controls , Tab Bar Controls
  • Page Control, DatePicker

Part IV : Working with Databases

  • Basic Database Operations
  • Processing Row Results
  • SQL injection and prepared Statements
  • User defined Functions

Part V : More APIs

  • Media APIs : Playing Audio  and Video
  • Accelerometer API
  • Core Location framework and Maps

 Part VI :

  • Final IOS Workshop and Publishing to the Apple app store


  • Applicants should have previous essential knowledge of programming and object oriented concepts



80 Hours