PHP Workshop (Projects Only)

Workshops are special style of courses we provide at Open Vision. It targets building real world applications in a team work environment. Most companies require fresh to have expeience before work and of course they have not. by joining this workshop you help building your experience by creating real apps that act as your portfolio when applying for jobs.


  • Project Idea and requirements
  • Identifying clear and flexible functionality 
  • Design it on paper : Wireframes and moke ups
  • Slicing the design
  • Designing your database
  • Building the back-end 
  • Integration with the design

Examples of websites we build in workshops:

  • News website,
  • E-shop website (like,
  • Furniture store website

Many other ideas are exposed for each workshop. Each workshop targets 1 complete website.



Differ according to the application we build in the workshop


  • PHP/HTML/CSS/JS/JQuery/Ajax Knowledge (Differ according to the application we build in the workshop)